I am Richard Bosch, a Dutch/American architect from Portland, Oregon USA.

I have traveled all over Italy, and now back in the States I spend much of my time longing for your beautiful destinations and admiring your attractive websites.

I have noticed that for the most part, translations into English are not up to the quality of the locations and events they try to describe.

I would like to offer my services to translate your website into proper American English, with correct grammar and that conveys the intent of your message.

Please look at the vast web site In Praise of the Bicycle which I am translating, to better understand the importance of a quality translation.

Or visit the website of TargetTravel which I translated in its entirety including an elaborate printed trade brochure.  Please look at the sample pages to the right.

Communicate by email and we can work out the simple logistics.  My rates are very reasonable – and turnaround time can be very fast – often within one day.

Translation of Italian websites and writings on:

art, music, architecture, travel, bike tourism

Translation from Italian into English [American]

A typical page from In Praise of the Bicycle - original Italian on the left, English translation on the right.

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Typical pages from TargetTravel - excerpt from the printed brochure on the left, typical Blog page on the right.

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