Villa Molin, Mandriola (PD)


Mandriola, a small village in the municipality of Padua, altitude 5 m/16 feet above sea level; train station at Padua, 8 km/5 miles to the north.

This villa rises on the outskirts of Padua along the Canale della Battaglia near the Ponte della Cagna [bridge of the bitch], and is situated along the Padua-Monselice bike path.

Commissioned in 1597 by the Venetian ambassador Nicolo Molin and built by Vincenzo Scamozzi, it has a square central plan with a pronaos [portico] with Ionic columns on the canal side, which clearly recall Palladio’s Villa Rotonda.

During the war years, 1915-18, the house was used by the military high command and was the seat of the negotiations that preceded the armistice of Villa Giusti (11/03/1918) that ended World War I.

All photos by Paolo Bonavoglia.

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