Villa Pojana, Pojana Maggiore (VI)


Pojana Maggiore, province of Vicenza; train station at Montagnana 7 km/4.5 miles to the south. Location: Via Castello.

This villa was built by Palladio between 1550 and 1563 on behalf of Bartolomeo Pojana, a Vicenza nobleman with a military background and a member of the Maggior Consiglio della Repubblica di Venezia [Grand Council of the Republic of Venice].

The villa has a rather unusual design in comparison with other Palladian villas, it is more sober and austere, probably to reflect the spirit of a family with strong military traditions.

Inside there are artistic works: paintings, stucchi (stucco-work), sculpture by B. India, A. Canera, G. Zelotti and B. Ridolfi predominantly of warlike subjects.

Directly across the street Villa Paltinieri-Pojana, which for the most part is a medieval castle, sits in ruins.

On bicycle, it is possible to reach the Villa from the Colli Berici [Berici hills], or from nearby Montagnana, where there is a train station on the Mantova-Monselice line.

Villa Pojana is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday.

Winter hours: 10:00 am − 12:30 pm and 2:00 − 5:00 pm

Summer hours: 10:00 am − 12:30 pm and 2:00 − 6:00 pm

Admission: Full price 4 €; reduced 2.5 €

All photos by Paolo Bonavoglia, unless indicated otherwise.

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