Villa Tamagnino-Lattes at Istrana (TV)


Istrana (TV) 15 m/50 feet above sea level; Via Nazario Sauro 50; train station at Istrana on the Vicenza-Treviso line, or alternatively, at Treviso about 10 km/6 miles to the east.   The villa is located along one of the suggested bike routes for the Montello.

This villa was constructed in 1715 for Paolo Tamagnino by the neo-Palladian architect Giorgio Massari.  The villa consists of a central block of two stories with a third floor limited to a Serliano [Palladian window] which cuts through the pediment.  The building has two wings, which are two curved barchesse [farm support buildings] with a colonnade of repeated arches.

The villa during the nineteenth century passed to the Lattes family; the last owner then bequeathed the villa to the comune [municipality] of Treviso.

Inside, the villa has a collection of oriental art, music boxes and a portrait of Giorgio Massari.  The side-chapel has paintings from the school of Piazzetta and a portrait of Paolo Tamagnino.

As of today’s visit (June 2012) the villa appears closed and not visitable.

All photos by Paolo Bonavoglia.

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