Beth David Synagogue - 1964

Binghamton, NY

Photos by Bruce M Coleman

Elm Street Housing - 1970

Ithaca, NY

Photos by Nathaniel Lieberman

Center Ithaca Apartments

Ithaca Commons

Ithaca, NY

Placeholder photo from website

Central Fire Station - 1980

Olean, NY

Photo by Jon Reis

Willard Administration Building

Willard, NY

Photos by Werner Seligmann

Science Building II - 1966

Cortland, NY

Photos by Eduardo Hueber

McDermott Hall, Camp Huntington 1970

Photos by Kristen Holmes of Ms Holmes Travels

Temple Brith Sholom - 1970

Cortland, NY

Photo by Paul Rocheleau

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Visit Sam Gruber’s blog - “just an Upstate New York kind of guy” - for extensive information and additional photographs of both these synagogues and drawings of Beth David, some of which were done by me back in ’64 - ’65.

Werner Seligmann primary extant projects

Read Cornell architect Peter Szilagyi’s appeal to find a way to restore the Elm Street project to its original intent.

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Reetchaard, this is very zoughtful, but vere is the structure in this page?

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I mean...really, really, really...Werner;
I sort of like the confusion

The Science Building was published, but I’m not sure in which magazine and when...

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Werner at age 32

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