Villa Ferretti Angeli, Dolo (VE)

Viewable from the upper deck of the Burchiello


Dolo, altitude 7 m/23 feet above sea level.Train station at Dolo on the Venezia-Padova line, about 5 km/3 miles to the north. The villa is located along the Ciclopista del Brenta [bicycle route of the Brenta] at Via Brentabassa 41.

The Ferretti family of Vicenza, by the 15th century, had already emerged as part of the Venetian nobility.Therefore, between 1596 and 1600 Vincenzo Scamozzi constructed this villa for Gerolamo Ferretti as an ideal dwelling from which he could control his country estate.

The villa is located between the Brenta Canal and Via Brentabassa, which runs to the south of the canal. The structure is of two stories. The elevation on the canal side and the one facing the street are practically identical.Each has twelve Ionic pilasters which define eleven sets of windows. The four central pilasters are raised higher to accommodate a mezzanine level and surmounted by a pediment which, on the street side, contains the Ferretti coat-of-arms, flanked by two angels. On the canal side, at the roofline, there are four pinnacles, but these were added later.

The facade facing the street appears in good condition; but the stucco of the canal-facing facade appears somewhat deteriorated. The interior of the villa, which originally was modeled after a Venetian palazzo with a monumental entry hall, two stories high, was radically altered to accommodate the various, subsequent uses of the villa.Towards the right of the villa there is a low building complex which housed the farm equipment and provided accommodations for guests.


On the street side, in front of the villa, there is a courtyard and an entry gate.Behind and next to the villa there is a large park which is open to the public.

The villa has gone through several changes-of-fortune: first, during the 19th century ownership passed to the Mocenigo family; then, during the 20th century the villa became a shelter for World War II refugees; it was then put to a new use by *Montedison and later by the Province of Venezia which converted it into a school administrative building. Today it is the seat of an agency that provides vocational education services for the Provinces of Venezia and Treviso under the care of ENAIP (Ente Nazionale **ACLI per l'Istruzione Professionale) [**ACLI National Institute for Vocational Education].

*Montedison SpA is one of the largest industrial holding companies in Italy

**ACLI – Associazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Italiani [Christian Association of Italian Workers]

All photos by Paolo Bonavoglia, unless indicated otherwise

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