Landmark School - classrooms built by teens with dyslexia

Landmark School - sketch for a new natatorium


The Landmark School classroom project best captures the spirit of its time.  The newly founded school had 40 students but no resources and insufficient classroom space.  The wood-shop teacher proposed to use the carpentry class to build small, free-standing classrooms.  Each design was also to be an architectural lesson so each classroom became more complex.  We deliberately prepared drawings and notation to be straightforward so that dyslectic teens could take a lead.  Holt and Bosch. 

While working on the classrooms construction a proposal was developed to add an enclosed, year-round pool to one of the existing building clusters that had included the stables. The pool, was sited to provide greater definition to the courtyard-like space and yet to be seen as a transparent object from the administration offices.  The plan picked up on axes and alignments in the Frank Lloyd Wright prairie house spirit of the original architecture.  Holt and Bosch.