Richard Bosch Architect

  1. is a Portland, Oregon architect specializing in historic renovation; residential, commercial and public facility design; and planning for all types of projects

  2. is a recognized expert on ADA accessibility and universal design

  3. has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Cornell University - Ithaca, NY

  4. has a master of architecture degree from Syracuse University - Florence, Italy

  5. is a past member of the Cascadia Green Building Council and the International Living Future Institute

  6. holds Oregon architect registration 3652

  7. has a City of Portland business license 726316

Representative services provided

  1. Existing condition documentation, site analysis and historic assessments

  2. ADA accessibility reviews and transition documents

  3. Building and swimming pool investigations

  4. Project scoping, needs assessment and best-use practices

  5. Exploratory design and determination of alternatives

  6. Design development and presentation materials

  7. Permitting and public process

  8. Owner’s representative for all project types and phases

  9. Webpage design and publishing

  10. Translation services of websites from Italian into English

Recommended associates based on successful collaborations of past 15 years

  1. Landscape architects and site design - Nevue Ngan Associates

  2. Architectural historian and cultural resource management - Works Progress LLC

  3. Environmental services and civil engineering - BergerABAM

  4. Mechanical and electrical engineers - MFIA, Inc.

  5. Structural engineers and building investigations - TM Rippey

  6. Roof design and building investigations - Professional Roof Consultants

Purpose of this website is twofold

  1. for potential clients to see the range of project types and activities I have undertaken over the course of my career

  2. but, more importantly, this is a personal archive of my career and the relatively few sketches, drawings and photographs that remain of the many projects - whether realized or just envisioned - all too many of which have disappeared forever.  There are award-winning projects and there are projects that may seem of little consequence - yet to me they are all equally important.  In fact, the smallest project of all, is the one of which I am most proud.  Look at the range of these projects and you will appreciate that the profession of architecture is not one of immediate success and guaranteed recognition, but that to be an architect requires tenacity and resilience, that creation is a patient search.

Imagine your new or renovated home where space flows freely, where indoor and outdoor blend, where views are maximized, where plans are functional yet elegant, where guests will marvel at your new home and lifestyle and ask: “who’s your architect?”

Imagine a restaurant or commercial design in which you can understand clearly every element of your restaurant or store before you commit to the project and that is so compelling that financial partners are eager to support your venture.

Imagine a large scale development that achieves Living Building Challenge or LEED - Neighborhood Development certification and wins recognition for its sustainable features

Imagine multi-family housing that is exciting and marketable, yet leaves a minimal footprint on the site and on Earth

Imagine facilities that are universal in their design and that win recognition for ADA accessibility and inclusion

Imagine renovation that respects the integrity of the original architecture but reinterprets your facility with a contemporary feel and a new vitality

Imagine community facilities and swimming pools that are inviting and that are clear in circulation and layout for ease of operation and maintenance

Imagine you need a quick turn-around on an exploratory design to determine best use for a potential project

Imagine a beautifully designed and professional looking website

Imagine you have an Italian website that you wish to translate into English

Immagina di avere un sito italiano che si desidera tradurre in inglese

Imagine an architect

  1. who is easy to get along with and who knows how to translate your needs and wishes into comprehensible designs 

  2. who upholds the highest design standards, and yet who will de-mystify the design construction process and the architectural profession, as a whole

  3. who already has first-hand experience operating a successful retail food business and as a culinary professional

  4. who has practiced in the public sector for half his career and is familiar with public process, politics, permitting, and the imperative for mutually-respectful collaboration, that includes owner, design and construction teams

  5. who has low overhead and therefore fees that are reasonable and negotiable

  6. who loves making beautiful floor plans the way an artist paints a canvas

  7. who speaks Italian and can translate Italian websites into English 

Imagine no more - you have come to the right place