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I’ve been renovating buildings since I was a teenager and before the term “renovation” was even popularized.  Like most architects, I aspired to be a great designer of “heroic-age modern architecture” -  a follower of The International Style.  But the intervening reality of relocating to Boston, with its endless supply of historic structures, and the economic reality of the architectural profession during its many, many downturns meant that renovation projects were to prevail.

Even after I became the on-staff architect for Portland Parks and Recreation for the past 15 years, renovation projects were to outnumber new construction 20 to 1.

The examples shown were selected, in part, because they represent the duality of what is renovation: blending history and classicism with modernity.   This form of renovation is not only of the physical fabric of the building, but also introduces new uses that will re-invigorate the vitality of the building and perhaps extend its usefulness and life-cycle.

This is distinct from historic restoration, which attempts immaculately to duplicate the original construction, but often leaves the building without vital activities or users - a kind of lifeless museum artifact.

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Selected projects

Avon Old Farms School aerial view.


Art Studio

Alumni House