UDC Elm Street - mixed-income housing and typical unit design

Who was Werner Seligmann?


Through the commissions that were in the office of Werner Seligmann, where I received my apprenticeship and worked for nearly a decade, my earliest exposure was to the new Science Building at SUNY Cortland, a series of mixed-income housing projects and a long-term contract for the urban renewal of Binghamton, NY.

This page presents the Elm Street Housing project located on West Hill in Ithaca, New York and now called West Village and operated by Omni New York.  I was one of two sites included in a “scattered site” contract.  The other site was for the Maple Ave project; the handsome site plan for that is included at the bottom.

I was part of the larger project team and yet was perhaps the only individual that was involved at every step of the project from initial design to project closeout.

Werner Seligmann passed away in an untimely manner during November 1998.  With the 20th anniversary of his passing coming up this year, we will present more information about his projects and his achievements.  One can find out about his life and background by visiting this page at WikiPedia.  A more-detailed monograph is being prepared by professor Bruce Coleman, who was my primary colleague on the Elm Street project [and several others] and,  to a large degree, was responsible for its implementation.

A dedicated webpage has been created, presenting Werner’s still-extant projects.